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Project Transforming the Coconut Sector

The Kalpavriksha

Empowering coconut farmers and revolutionizing the industry, the Kalpavriksha Project is a comprehensive initiative focused on sustainable practices, innovation, and a robust value chain. We provide modern agricultural practices, advanced technologies, and diversified product opportunities. With a focus on quality assurance, post-harvest training, and environmental sustainability, we empower farmers and ensure market access. Community development initiatives offer financial assistance, insurance schemes, and skill development programs. Join us in creating a prosperous future for coconut farming and industry growth.

Join the Kalpavriksha Project for Profitable Ventures and Social Transformation


The Kalpavriksha Project

Enhanced Income

The Kalpavriksha Project empowers farmers with value-added coconut products, new market access, and increased income, enhancing financial stability and livelihoods.

Sustainable Practices

The project advocates sustainable practices like organic farming, reducing input costs, and ensuring long-term environmental sustainability for farmers.

Holistic Support

The Kalpavriksha Project provides farmers with comprehensive support, including training, skill development, empowering their success.

Technological Advancements

Project enhances farmers' productivity, efficiency, and profitability through technology integration.

Market Access and Distribution

Facilitates farmer access, collaborates with retail chains, showcases global coconut products.

Processing Facility and Value-Added Products

Processing facility produces diverse coconut products, supporting industry growth and generating income for farmers.

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