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Project Transforming the Coconut Sector
The Kalpavriksha

The Kalpavriksha Yojana is spearheading a visionary 300Cr
infrastructure development project, featuring a zero-waste centralized production plant in 20 acres of land equipped with cutting-edge machinery aimed at processing every part of the coconut tree into valuable commodities. This multifaceted approach not only uplifts the economic prospects of coconut farming but also champions environmental sustainability through a comprehensive zero waste ecosystem. This project aims to generate over 300 direct jobs and create more than 600 indirect employment opportunities. Our technological advancements include the launch of our mobile app and ecommerce platform, reflecting our commitment to leveraging technology for greater
accessibility and efficiency.

Streamlining Operations: Uniting All Processes Under One Roof


A Small Investment in the Agri-Industry Today, Yields greater rewards Tomorrow

Join us on this journey towards a brighter and sustainable agricultural future by investing in shares. With just ₹1,000 per share and a minimum 1 lot consisting of 5 shares and the max 200 shares per person, together, we sow the seeds of prosperity and growth for all.

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    A Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) is a collective of farmers who come together to form a business entity, primarily for agricultural production, processing, marketing, and related activities. This concept was introduced by the central government of India as part of its efforts to empower farmers, enhance their bargaining power, and promote collective farming practices.

    Indian citizens and NRIs holding Indian citizenship are eligible to invest.

    Investing in Farmer Producer Organisation shares not only provides an opportunity for financial returns but also supports the agricultural community, promotes rural development and contributes to sustainable farming practices.

    You can invest in shares by buying them through the website provided or directly through branch offices. Click here to buy shares.

    No, FPO shares are not listed on BSE/NSE. You can buy them only through the FPO’s website or by visiting the branch office. Click here to buy shares.

    No, you can only buy our shares through our company’s website or by visiting our branch office.

    The minimum 1lot consisting of 5shares and maximum 40 lots consisting of 200shares.

    Yes, an Income Tax Return (ITR) is required if you are buying 50 shares or more.

    Yes, there is a lock-in period of 1 year.

    Shareholders can stay informed about company’s developments through the website, social media platforms, public news channel and newspaper.

    Benefits of investing in shares include potential dividends, the life time membership benefits like discounts on products, social impact through community development and the satisfaction of supporting sustainable agriculture.

    You can track the performance of your company’s shares through regular updates provided by the company, financial statements, annual reports, and other relevant disclosures.

    The liquidity of FPO shares may vary depending on several factors. Generally, the decision to sell shares is determined by the board of directors. Shares may be sold within the organization to existing shareholders, but they are typically not available for purchase by members outside the organization.

    Investing in FPO shares contributes to the socio-economic development of rural communities by supporting smallholder farmers, creating employment opportunities, improving agricultural practices, and fostering sustainable growth.

    The release of shares to the market has been published in Newspapers and Web news


    The journey of a coconut is remarkable from a young green fruit with refreshing water to a matured, brown-husked marvel loaded with dense, creamy flesh. This transformation marks the inception of an entirely different chapter in the life of the coconut, giving rise to a diverse spectrum of culinary and wellness treasures.


    Edible Matured Coconut Products

    Virgin Coconut Oil
    VCO is obtained by cold-pressing the liquid derived from coconut meat, followed by extracting
    Copra Oil
    Copra the dried kernel of the coconut, stands as the primary commercial product
    Coconut Vinegar
    Coconut vinegar is a tangy and acidic liquid derived from the natural
    Dry Coconut Chutney
    It is made up of copra that is purchased from our farmers, Dry condiment

    Non-Edible Coconut Products

    Coconut Wood Products
    Coconut wood products encompass a wide range of items crafted from the sturdy
    Coconut Shell Arts
    Coconut Shell Arts transcend the boundaries of creativity and sustainability.
    Coco peat
    Coco peat, also known as coconut fiber, coir fiber, or coir, is a natural growing