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Kalpasamruddhi Yojana

The organisation has brought up Kalpasamruddhi Yojana fixed deposits. The organisation uses the deposit amount collected as working capital. Instead of going for loans, we started fixed deposits with maximum Upto 12% interest rate, we are the best is segment to provide maximum interest rate with flexible payout options. We utilize the funds deposited by members for the betterment of coconut farming. We have implemented various plans to benefit farmers, such as purchasing coconuts, producing value added products. The organization’s primary goal is to ensure the financial well-being of farmers. For 3 years members can earn 40.5% returns.


Creation of value to farmers produce by creating various value-added products out of coconut, eventually the demand for coconut increases and farmer gets the benefit by getting fair money for his produce. The yojana is for limited period until the organisation will receive enough funds for investing in the projects.

Unlock Earnings with Kalpasamruddhi Yojana