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Grow Your Wealth, Cultivate Prosperity

The organization proudly presents the Kalpasamruddhi Yojana fixed deposits, a visionary initiative aimed at harnessing the collective power of investments for the advancement of coconut farming. With a focus on financial empowerment, we offer fixed deposits with an attractive interest rate of up to 12%, positioning us as leaders in the segment with unparalleled returns and flexible payout options. The funds collected through these fixed deposits serve as vital working capital, eliminating the need for conventional loans and fostering self-reliance within the farming community. Committed to the prosperity of farmers, we strategically utilize these funds to fuel various initiatives, including the purchase of coconuts and the development of valueadded products.

Our comprehensive approach extends beyond mere financial transactions; it’s about creating enduring value for farmers and elevating the coconut farming ecosystem as a whole. By investing in value-added products derived from coconuts, we stimulate demand and ensure that farmers receive fair compensation for their produce. The Kalpasamruddhi Yojana stands as a beacon of hope, offering members the opportunity to earn impressive returns of up to 40.5% over a three-year period. However, this scheme is available for a limited time, until we secure sufficient funds to invest in transformative projects that will further enrich the lives of farmers and propel the coconut farming industry forward.

Unlock Earnings with Kalpasamruddhi Yojana