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Welcome to our Creative House, the center for Coconut Shell Art and Coconut Wood Art preparation in Paralottu, Mani. In our dedicated processing area, we've ensured ample space for specialized equipment, efficient workstations, and strategic storage facilities. Skilled women from rural areas passionately contribute to the artistic process. With a unit capacity of handling 200,000 coconut shells annually, our Creative House stands as a vibrant space where artistic innovation meets the natural beauty of coconut-derived materials. We empower and employ women from rural communities, showcasing their skills in our sustainable creative endeavors.

Holistic Operations at our Creative House

We utilise robust industrial-grade machinery crafted for the precise processing of coconut shells and coconut wood, featuring different sizes of grinders or drillers to meet specific requirements for the desired end products.

The implementation of technology ensures process automation and monitoring. Also, it incorporates data collection and analysis tools to uphold quality control standards and optimize overall processes.

Warehousing space for storing raw coconut shells and finished products, ensuring proper storage conditions to prevent contamination and maintain product quality.

Adequate and comfortable workspaces, along with specialized training facilities tailored for rural women.


Ensuring safety and compliance, our facilities are equipped with emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and other safety measures. We strictly adhere to local, regional, and national environmental and safety regulations, conducting regular inspections and audits for continuous compliance. Utilities, including adequate water supply for processing and cleaning, along with a reliable power supply, support seamless operations. Our commitment extends to responsible waste management, implementing proper disposal methods for the waste generated during processing.