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Ensuring Agricultural Stability: The Role of Crop Insurance

Agriculture, being a cornerstone of livelihoods, faces volatility due to unpredictable weather, vast rain-fed areas, and the risk of pests and diseases. Crop Insurance emerges as a crucial risk mitigation tool, providing farmers with extensive coverage against unforeseen crop losses. This insurance is instrumental in addressing challenges such as climatic changes, natural disasters, pests, and diseases, ensuring financial support and enhancing resilience in the agricultural sector.

Objectives Of Crop Insurance

The primary objectives are to assist coconut growers in insuring their palms against natural perils, offer timely relief for income loss, and promote sustainable farming practices through replanting.

  • Applicability:

    The insurance scheme is applicable to healthy nut-bearing coconut palms aged above 10 years, covering those in mono or intercropped settings, on bunds, farms, or homesteads.

  • Contingency Insured:

    Crop Insurance provides coverage for the total loss of palms due to insured perils, whether leading to death or rendering them unproductive.

  • Risks Covered:

    The scheme comprehensively covers a range of perils, including storms, floods, pests, diseases, fires, earthquakes, and drought. It ensures comprehensive protection against widespread damages.

  • Sum Insured:

    Each palm, along with necessary fertilizers, is insured for Rs. 2000, promoting not only palm protection but also aiding in the growth of healthy coconut plants.

Sustainable Farming Assurance: Nurturing Resilience

Crop Insurance instills confidence in coconut farmers, providing peace of mind and ensuring their ability to navigate uncertainties with resilience. This initiative not only contributes to the sustainability and resilience of individual coconut plantations but also strengthens the overall health of the coconut farming sector, securing livelihoods for the long term.

For insurance-related Enquiries contact support at 1800 203 0129