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Bio Pesticides Production Unit, a hub for sustainable agriculture solutions, crafts eco-friendly pest control solutions using natural ingredients and beneficial organisms, this facility near CPCRI at the Head Office in Vittal collaborates with ICAR-CPCRI for new technologies and ongoing employee training. Committed to fostering healthier ecosystems, our unit stands as a champion of environmentally conscious agricultural practices.

Integrated Nematode Production System

Cultivation Facility

Our facility boasts dedicated cultivation areas with meticulously controlled environmental conditions. To regulate temperature and humidity, we utilize controlled growth chambers. Additionally, we maintain separate systems for food materials and storage.

Substrate & Media Handling

Our Bio Pesticides Production Unit excels in preparing and handling growth substrates for nematodes. The facility is equipped with advanced facilities to ensure optimal conditions for nematode development.

Quality Control & Monitoring

The insurance coverage not only offers financial protection in case of accidents or injuries but also provides peace of mind to climbers and their families.

Harvesting Equipment

Distinct equipment is allocated for harvesting nematodes from the culture substrate. Filtering and sieving systems are in place to effectively separate nematodes from the culture media.

Packaging & Storage

Equipped with packaging and storage facilities specifically designed for nematodes, ensuring their viability. Double packaging materials are used to maintain optimal conditions during storage and distribution.

Safety Measures

Stringent safety protocols are implemented to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of our workers. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to all employees, ensuring a secure working environment.