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Nurturing Agriculture - Uplifting Lives

Kalpaseva reflects our enduring commitment to farmers' welfare, offering essential services and steadfast support to the agricultural community. More than just assistance, it embodiesa holistic approach aimed at ensuring the well-being, prosperity, and dignity of our hardworking farmers. We procure coconuts from our registered farmers at rates above market prices, ensuring fair compensation for their dedication and effort.

Key Benefits

The Kalpaseva Yojana

Connectivity of Coconut Harvesters

Recognizing the challenges faced by farmers in locating coconut harvesters, we have established a dedicated platform that serves as a connection point between skilled harvesters and our registered farmers. Through this, farmers can easily access a network of experienced coconut harvesters, eliminating the hassle of actively searching for skilled labor.

Raw Procurements

The farmers play a crucial role in coconut production. To make their lives easier, we offer a hassle-free process. When farmers have bulk quantities to sell, we go the extra mile by picking up the coconuts right from their doorstep. This eliminates any transportation hassles and costs, ensuring they receive maximum value for their produce.

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Convenient Options

Even if a farmer has a smaller quantity of coconuts to sell, they need not worry. Our network of branches is strategically located, making it easy for farmers to access our procurement services. They can simply visit their nearest branch to sell their produce.

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Value-Added Products

We create value addition to farmers produce through processing. Our commitment extends to transforming coconuts into a range of valueadded products, enriching their worth and opening up diverse opportunities for farmers

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