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Empowering Women of Rural Areas
A Journey of Independence

Our Women Empowerment initiative is a transformative journey that uses the creative power of Coconut Shell Art touplift women in rural areas. This program celebrates resilience and entrepreneurial spirit while providing participants with skills, confidence and opportunities,fostering independence and influence.

A Journey of Independence and Sustainability

A key component of coconut farming, is not just an occupation but a way of life for many individuals in coconut-growing regions. To support the safety, proficiency, and livelihoods of coconut tree climbers, comprehensive training programs have been established. These programs, led by experienced trainers from organizations like Krishi Vigyan Kendra and the Coconut Development Board, aim to empower climbers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Fostering Creativity & Innovation

A life-changing workshops for women,developing their creativity and skill in the complex craft of working with coconut shells in addition to gaining proficiency in it.This curriculum equips women with the necessary skills to realize their artistic visions, including cutting, shaping, carving, and crafting. Through the process of developing their skills, they open up a world of opportunities and can create various products from functional home goods to artistically designed decorative pieces.

Income Generation

The ability to craft coconut shell products equips women with income-generating capabilities. It provides women with an opportunity to enhance their skills and actively contribute to their family's income by engaging in various entrepreneurial activities. Women can sell their creations locally, participate in regional markets, or even establish small-scale businesses. This economic empowerment fosters financial stability and self-reliance

Embark on a creative journey with our Coconut Shell Art Training