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Higher Returns, Secured Investments

Invest in India’s Largest Farmers Organisation

Deposit Amount
Type of Customer
Payout Mode
Years General Senior Citizen / Ex-military / Physically Challenged
1 Year 8.25% 8.75%
2 Years 10.5% 11%
3 Years 12% 12%

To apply for fixed deposit, you must be a member and shareholder of the organization. This requires purchasing 1 share for ₹1,000 and a lifetime membership for ₹500. So, additional ₹1,500 must be paid during the deposit payment.

Deposit Amount
Type of Customer
Payout Mode
Years General Senior Citizen / Ex-military / Physically Challenged
1 Year 8.25% 8.75%
2 Years 10.5% 11%
3 Years 12% 12%

Grow your savings and nurture the future of agriculture with our Fixed Deposits. Your investment supports farmers and rural development, all while earning you attractive returns. Secure your finances and be part of positive change. Invest in KALPASAMRUDDHI Fixed Deposits and watch your savings flourish in the agriculture sector.

Why Choose Us for Fixed Deposits?

Competitive Interest Rates

Experience financial growthwith returns of up to 12%,ensuring your prosperity.

Flexible Tenure

Select investment tenuresstarting from just 12monthswith us.

Flexible Pay-out Options

Explore the versatility of interestpay-outs, with monthly, Yearly, andOn-maturity options.

Min & Max Deposit

The deposit range starts at a minimum of 50,000 and extends up to a maximum
of 10 Cr.

Extra Returns

Enjoy an additional 0.5% returns if you're a senior citizen, ex-military personnel, or a person with physical challenges with a maximum return of 12%PA.

Seamless Interest Transfer

Avail the Convenience of Transferring Your earnings to India’s any Nationalised Bank as per your requirement.

For Fixed Deposit related queries please contact +918105487763

Who can invest in a Fixed Deposit with us?


Any individual can invest in a Fixed Deposit in their own name.

Joint Ownership

Two or more individuals can share a Fixed Deposit with clear instructions.

Guardian for a Minor

Guardians can invest on behalf of minors.


Non-Resident Indians can open special Fixed Deposit accounts for their unique circumstances.

How To Apply for Fixed Deposit?

  • Apply: Fill out the Fixed Deposit Form and upload your KYC Documents.
  • Choose Pay-out Options: Select your preferred interest returns pay-out frequency: monthly, Yearly, On-maturity, compound interest will be calculated for Fixed Deposits.
  • Deposit Funds: Deposit your desired amount into the Company account.
  • FD Account Activation: Your FD account will be activated once the funds are successfully deposited.
  • Receive Deposit & Share Certificate: After you have made the payment for your fixed deposits, you will receive the deposit certificate and share certificate at your registered address by Registered post.

Apply Here!


    Yes, you have to become a shareholder of the company to open a fixed deposit.

    You can use the FD Calculator to calculate interest and maturity amount on the Fixed Deposit as follows:
    • Enter the amount of Fixed Deposit
    • You can select the Customer Type i.e., Below 60, Senior Citizen, Ex-Military & Physically Challenged.
    • Select Tenure for your fixed deposit.
    • The applicable interest rate, interest amount, and maturity amount will be displayed.

    You can make payments for a fixed deposit by transferring funds to the company’s bank account through NEFT or RTGS.

    After a successful payment, the receipt will be sent to your registered address through Registered Post.

    There is no premature withdrawal facility available before the tenure’s expiry. However, in the unfortunate event of the depositor’s death, premature withdrawal is possible. In the case of a joint fixed deposit with a survivorship clause, the company will discharge the fixed deposit proceeds prematurely to the survivors upon their request, in the event of the death of one or more joint depositors.