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Sustainable Soil Enrichment:

Our Vermicompost Production

The Vermi Compost unit operates with a focus on eco-friendly practices, utilizing earthworms to facilitate the decomposition of organic waste, located at Doddathota, Sullia. Through this natural process, we produce nutrient-rich compost that serves as an excellent soil conditioner. The vermicompost generated in our unit enhances soil fertility, promotes plant growth, and offers a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is reflected in the conscientious methods employed in the Vermi Compost unit, contributing to healthier soils and encouraging sustainable agricultural practices. Also, we conduct training programs for staff on vermicomposting techniques and safety protocols, along with providing educational materials for the community and employees involved in the process.

Vermicomposting Process

Vermicompost Bedding

Our vermicomposting facility is equipped with seven beds, each capable of composting up to 3 MT. To ensure easy access and maintenance, there is sufficient space between the beds. We maintain a steady supply of suitable bedding material, including shredded coconut tree leaves, dry leaves, cow dung, and coconut coir. Regular inspections of the bedding material are conducted to uphold optimal conditions. Additionally, we use covering material to provide shade, maintaining moisture and temperature levels, and offering protection from excessive rain or direct sunlight.

  • Worm Species: We employ the Eudrilus species of worms in our vermicomposting process, ensuring optimal efficiency and compost quality.
  • Watering System: We have implemented an efficient watering system to ensure the vermicomposting beds maintain the necessary moisture levels for the composting process.
  • Harvesting and Storage Facility: With a designated area for harvesting finished vermicompost, we ensure an efficient process that includes a dedicated storage space to preserve the quality of the harvested vermicompost.
  • Product: Our vermicompost boasts a balanced NPK ratio of 2:1:1, ensuring optimal nutrient content, complemented by a pH value of 6.5. The product is thoughtfully packaged in various sizes, including 2kg, 10kg, and 40kg, catering to diverse gardening and agricultural needs.
  • Quality Control: We have meticulously implemented quality control measures to uphold the highest standards for our compost, ensuring that it consistently meets the desired quality benchmarks.