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kalpasamparka Yojana

Kalpasamparka serves as a dynamic platform connecting farmers and the organization, providing a real-time update on the organization’s daily activities, keeping farmers informed about ongoing operations and developments. With an interactive interface, it encourages farmers to actively engage with the organization. It serves as a virtual space for queries, feedback, and collaborative discussions. It provides access to educational resources, agricultural guidelines, and expert advice, supporting farmers in optimizing their farming practices.

In our unwavering commitment to supporting farmers and fostering their agricultural success, we have introduced a toll-free Service 1800 203 0129 and a website, The interactive website, serves as a comprehensive hub for information about the organization’s diverse projects and initiatives. From detailedproject descriptions to the latest updates, the website is a valuable resource for members to stay informed and engaged with the organization’s activities.

Toll-Free Service

Multilingual Accessibility

Our toll-free service offers support in Kannada, English, and the regional language of Tulu, ensuring farmers from diverse linguistic backgrounds can comfortably communicate their concerns.

Farmer-Centric Communication

Serving as a direct channel for farmers to express their challenges and questions, the toll-free service is designed with farmers' needs in mind.

Expert Connect

Connecting farmers with agricultural scientists and experts, the helpline provides valuable insights and guidance.

Growth-Oriented Suggestions

Our team of agricultural experts offers tailored suggestions to maximize crop yields and enhance overall farm productivity, rooted in best practices.

Real-Time Updates

Farmers can receive daily updates on farming practices, market trends, and more through the toll-free helpline, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Accessible Assistance

The toll-free service is accessible to everyone, ensuring even remote farming communities have a direct line of communication for assistance.

Toll-Free Support - Connect with Us at 1800 203 0129