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A collective of farmers working together to improve productivity and profitability in agriculture.

FPOs offer collective marketing, access to credit, shared procurement, technical knowledge sharing, and policy advocacy.


Kalparasa is a unique health drink derived from coconut palm using modern technology.

Kalparasa is collected from the coconut tree’s spadix using careful tapping techniques.

Kalparasa is scientifically collected and maintained in a cold-chain, preventing fermentation and ensuring freshness.

Yes, Kalparasa is made from 100% organic and vegan ingredients.

Kalparasa offers numerous health benefits, including improved diabetes management, cancer prevention, enhanced bone health, and strengthened immunity.

Yes, Kalparasa can be used as an ideal sweetener, offering a healthier alternative to refined sugars.

Yes, Kalparasa promotes a greener future with its focus on sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly practices.


Any farmer actively involved in agriculture, regardless of scale, can become a member.

Fill out the application form and pay the membership fee to join.

Financial security, discounted inputs, crop insurance, competitive prices, support for underprivileged farmers, training, and advanced technologies.

Investment Opportunities:

Express interest and get information from the company regarding investment guidelines.

Access to global coconut products market, support for sustainable agriculture, and potential for returns and social impact.

Fixed total returns of 43.75% over three and a half years, equivalent to a compounded annual return of 12.5%.

Minimum investment of ₹5000 for accessibility and wider participation.

Kalpasamruddhi Fixed Deposits:

The interest rates on fixed deposits are up to 12%.

Yes, you can conveniently remit the interest on your fixed deposit to any bank in India.

Yes, senior citizens and ex-army personnel can enjoy an extra 0.5% returns on their fixed deposits.


The minimum deposit tenure for fixed deposits varies as follows:

⦁ For 45 to 180 days

⦁ For 181 to 364 days

⦁ For 365 to 2 years

⦁ Special Investment offer for Above 2 years

⦁ Can I withdraw my fixed deposit before maturity?

No, there is no pre-mature withdrawal option for fixed deposits under the special investment offer.

No, there is no pre-mature withdrawal option for fixed deposits under the special investment offer.


The different types of loans offered under Kalpasamruddhi are:

  •  Kisan Samruddhi loan
  • Agri Enterprise loan
  • SHG loan
  • Health insurance
  • Crup/Yield loan
  • Credit card

Kisan Samruddhi loan is a financial facility offered to large farmers to support their agricultural activities and enhance their productivity.

Agri Enterprise loan is designed for Agri Entrepreneurs to help them establish or expand their agricultural ventures and contribute to rural development.

SHG loan is specifically available for farmer groups formed as Self-Help Groups, providing them with financial support for collective farming initiatives.

The health insurance for coconut harvesters covers medical expenses and healthcare services for coconut harvesters, ensuring their well-being and safety.

Crop/Yield loan is a financial product aimed at supporting crop cultivation by providing funds for purchasing seeds, fertilizers, and other necessary inputs.

The Credit card for farmers offers a convenient credit facility that allows farmers to make agricultural purchases and expenses, with flexible repayment options.