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Discover the insights from the Deccan Herald’s newspaper article of our recent share release press meet.

Key highlights include:

  • Raising Capital: Our initiative aiming to raise Rs. 50 crores through shares for our Rs. 300 crore project.
  • Centralized Production Plant: Plans for a centralized plant to manufacture various products under one roof.
  • Zero Waste Unit: Highlighting our commitment to sustainability, we’re the first FPC with zero waste units.
  • Innovative Products: Introducing a dessert made from coconut sprout, showcasing our creativity and utilization of all parts of the coconut.
  • Empowering Women: Coconut shell art training provided for over 140 women.
  • Shelf-Life Analysis: Collaboration with CPCRI to analyze the microbial properties of our coconut shell bowls, ensuring food safety.
  • Direct Consumer Reach: Launching an ecommerce platform and mobile app to connect directly with consumers, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

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