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Tulunadu Varthe has shredded light on our Management Team and Advisory Committee meeting held on 5th January 2024 at Rotary Manisha Hall, Puttur.  The article details the appointment of key advisory officers entrusted with various responsibilities for the upcoming projects of the organization. Mr. Nithyananda Mundodi as the President of the Advisory Committee, Mr. Kadamajalu Subhash Rai as the Honorary President. Mr. Chidananda Bailady takes on the vital position of Legal Advisor, while Mr. Badanaje Shankar Bhat becomes the Advisor for Value-added Agricultural Products, Mr. Kumar Pernaje as Agricultural Media Advisor, Mr. Prabhakar Mayya as Agricultural Development Advisor, Mr. Amai Malinga Naik as Sustainable Agriculture Advisor, Mr. Ganapayya Bhat as Organic Farming Advisor, Mr. Aittur Poovappa Gowda as Project Development Advisor and Mr. David Jaimi Kokkada as Water Conservation Advisor. Also, they have written about the meeting delved into discussions about the next phase of the “Kalpavikasa” project, The promotion of organic coconut cultivation, advancements in scientific farming, and the launch of the Organization Newspaper. For further insights, you can read the full article here.

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