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Explore the Transformative Panchakalpa Yojana with Aravind Bolar & Walter Nandalike. In this insightful dialogue, Aravind Bolar and Walter Nandalike immerse themselves in the roles of farmers, conveying our offerings in the regional Tulu language of South Canara. With unwavering dedication, they explore the intricate aspects of this transformative initiative, unveiling its multifaceted essence.

Discover how Panchakalpa Yojana acts as a beacon of change, encouraging sustainable growth, It stands as a testament to our steadfast commitment to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, foster innovation, and nurture the dreams of our farmers.

Panchakalpa Yojana comprises five key elements: Kalpavriksha, Kalparasa, Kalpasamruddhi, Kalpasamparka, and Kalpaseva.

  • Kalpavriksha Yojana: Revolutionizing farmers’ livelihoods with innovative coconut-based products and value addition, ushering in a new era of prosperity for farmers and sustainable income sources for agricultural communities.
  • Kalparasa Yojana: Offering a pure and non-alcoholic drink derived from the coconut palm using modern technology and approved techniques. Crafted meticulously from the unopened inflorescence of the coconut palm.
  • Kalpasamruddhi Yojana: Grow your savings and nurture the future of agriculture with up to 12% interest on fixed deposits. Your investment supports farmers and rural development, all while providing you attractive returns.
  • Kalpasamparka Yojana: Addressing farmers’ issues and delivering essential information through a toll-free service (1800200129), available in the Tulu language as well. This service and website serve as valuable resources for farmers, offering a wealth of agricultural-related information.
  • Kalpaseva Yojana: Providing trained coconut harvesters to our farmers and purchasing coconuts at competitive prices, surpassing market rates.

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