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The adult beetle, a major threat, causes a significant yield loss of 10 to 15%. Identification of damage includes characteristic ‘V’ or diamond-shaped cuttings on leaves, a series of holes on fronds, and death of the growing point in young plantations. The infestation is evident by chewed fibrous material near bore holes. To counter this menace, a proactive approach involves deploying Rhino Lure Pheromone Traps at a density of 2 traps per hectare. Each trap, equipped with a dispenser emitting alluring pheromones, attracts beetles. Red Medicine-filled traps target red palm weevil, while Black Medicine-filled traps target Oryctes rhinoceros.

  1. Proactive use of Rhino Lure Pheromone Traps helps mitigate the destructive impact of adult beetles, reducing yield loss.
  2. The traps aid in early detection of infestations by capturing beetles attracted to the emitted pheromones.