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Prabhakar Mayya

Prabhakar Mayya

Advisory Commitee

Prabhakar Mayya, is recognized for his leadership roles in various agricultural associations and his dedication to promoting organic-based farming practices and community development.

Prabhakar Mayya, a true champion of sustainable agriculture, has dedicated his life to promoting organic-based farming practices and community development in Nada village. His exemplary work extends far beyond traditional farming, encompassing a wide range of agricultural activities, including mixed crop cultivation in sandy farmlands, dairy farming, earthworm manure production, poultry farming, goat farming, beekeeping, compost manure manufacturing, jeevamrutha, and panchagavya preparation. With a 5-acre integrated agriculture system on his own land, he serves as a living example of sustainable farming practices, inspiring fellow farmers and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility in his community. His passion for education is evident as he has generously given his time as an honorary teacher at a local high school, passing on his wealth of knowledge to the next generation.

In addition to his hands-on involvement in farming and education, Mayya has been a tireless leader in various agricultural associations, having served as a member, president, and secretary in over 15 different organizations. His dedication has not gone unnoticed, as more than 375 farmers, authorities, scientists, and students have visited his farm for inspiration and guidance. His impact reaches far and wide, as he has trained over 525 farmers as a resource person, and his programs have been broadcasted on television and radio, further disseminating his valuable insights to a broader audience. His contributions to agriculture have earned him the respect and admiration of 35 different organizations within the state, each recognizing his exceptional commitment to sustainable farming practices and community development.

Prabhakar Mayya has received various awards in appreciation of his remarkable services to agriculture. Notable among these are the “SADHANASHRI” award in 2010, the “Pragathisheela Raitha” Award from Bangalore Gandhi Krushi Vishwavidyala in 2011, and the “Uttama Adike Belegara” Award from the All India Supari Federation in 2012. In 2013, he was honored with the Shresta Kisan Puraskar Award by the Gujarat government and the Utthama Krushika Award by Shimoga Krushi and Thotagarike Vishwavidyalaya. His dedication was further celebrated with the “Sadhaka Krushika Award” by the Karnataka government in 2015. In 2016, he received the National Level Innovative Krushika Prashasthi from Bharathiya Anusandana Institution and the District Kannada Rajyothsava Award. Perhaps the pinnacle of his recognition came in 2020 when he was bestowed with the prestigious “National Award Agriculturist,” solidifying his status as a true luminary in the field of agriculture.

In addition to his remarkable awards, Mayya has received numerous honors from various organizations, communities, and individuals. These honors are a testament to the deep respect and gratitude felt by those who have witnessed his tireless dedication to social service and community development. His contributions extend to organizations such as NABARD – Gramabhivrudhi Samithi, where he serves as president, Krishi Vijyana Kendra Mangalore, Vaijnanika Salaha Samithi, and Savayava Jilla Salaha Samithi. His commitment to social service is unwavering, and his legacy as a transformative figure in sustainable agriculture and community development is cemented through the many lives he has touched and the organizations he has inspired.