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Nithyananda Mundodi

Nithyananda Mundodi

Advisory Commitee

Nithyananda Mundodi has dedicated his career to agriculture and the cooperative sector, earning recognition and awards for his unwavering commitment to social welfare.

Nithyananda Mundodi has spent a remarkable 35-year career in agriculture and the cooperative sector. His significant contributions in these fields have earned him recognition and several awards, underscoring his unwavering commitment to social welfare and community development.

Nithyananda Mundodi has received numerous awards throughout his career, with one of the most prestigious being the Karnataka State Best Co-operative Award. This award recognizes his exceptional contributions to the co-operative sector. His dedication to making a positive impact on society has also earned him the Best Social Worker Award, in addition to the Vokkaliga Voice Bangalore Sahakari Rathna Award and the Sahakari Rathna Award for his commitment to co-operative values. Nithyananda Mundodi’s impact on his community extends further, with his recognition through the Rajya Samaja Rathna Award, highlighting his exceptional contributions to social cohesion.

Beyond his professional achievements, he has actively participated in social service and community development initiatives. He has played pivotal roles in various organizations, including founding, presiding over, and directing the Shree Venkataramana Credit Co-operative Society in Sullia. Since 1990, he has also served as the President of the Guthigar Rubber Growers and Marketing and Processing Co-operative Society, demonstrating his steadfast commitment to the co-operative sector. Moreover, he has held the position of President at TAPCMS Sullia since 2010, contributing significantly to its growth and development.

In addition to his co-operative endeavors, Nithyananda Mundodi has shown a deep commitment to cultural, religious, and youth organizations. He has served as the Past President of the Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple, emphasizing his dedication to preserving cultural and religious institutions. Additionally, he has founded the Sullia Taluk Gowdra Yuva Seva Sangha and the Sullia Taluk Kabaddi Amechur Association, actively engaging with youth and sports organizations. His support for education is evident through his directorship at MGM High School in Sullia and Mahalingeshwara ITI in Puttur.

Furthermore, Nithyananda Mundodi has held leadership positions in various social and service organizations, including serving as the Past Director of the Karnataka Cashew Development Corporation and founding the Guthigar Jaycees. His contributions extend to Lions Club International, where he founded the Lions Club Guthigar and served as Zone Chairman for Zone IV. He has also been involved with youth organizations, such as the Devachalla Yuvakamandala, and the Sullia Taluk Youth Federation, where he served as the Past Director. His commitment to community development is further exemplified by his presidency of D.K and Kodagu Gowda Samaja Abhivruddi Sangha® since 2013, among various other leadership roles.

Nithyananda Mundodi’s multifaceted engagement underscores his dedication to enhancing society and his resolute commitment to making a positive impact across various domains.