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Kadamajalu Shubhash Rai

Advisory Commitee

Kadamajalu Shubhash Rai, a renowned Farmer with extensive Agricultural Knowledge, recipient of Prestigious Awards, is Celebrated for his contributions to farming, literature, social service & cooperative development.

Kadamajalu Shubhash Rai is an experienced farmer with a sprawling 45-acre agricultural landscape comprising horticultural crops such as arecanut, coconut, banana, black pepper, rubber, cocoa, a scientifically managed cashew farm, dairy farming, transplanted chicken farming, Scientific Smokeless Stove, Cow dung gas production, a Slurry Tank, advanced scientific rubber smokehouse and advanced irrigation systems for agricultural land, also Installed CCTV cameras on the farm for continuous and close monitoring. With 53 years of dedicated farming experience, he stands as an exemplar in the field.His agricultural expertise extends beyond the farm, where he actively conducts workshops and presentations on topics like cashew cultivation in various agricultural universities across Karnataka, including Mysore, Bidar, Brahmavara, Puttur, Mangalore, Hebbal, and even in states like Goa and Maharashtra. These workshops benefit numerous farmers  and students seeking agricultural knowledge. Mr. Rai has also organized informative workshops on his agricultural grounds for local farmers in the Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala village.

Mr. Shubhash Rai’s contributions to agriculture have garnered media attention, with his agricultural interviews broadcast on prominent state channels like Chandana, ETV, ZOOM TV, and featured in major newspapers such as Vijayakarnataka and Udayavani. He has also shared his insights on the “Krushi Info” program on Mangalore Akashvani.

In addition to his agricultural pursuits, Mr. Rai is actively involved in literature, with several published works to his credit, including ‘Emme Thanda Hemme,’ ‘Bayasade Banda Bhagya – America America,’ and ‘Geru Ettharakke Eru’. He has a passion for writing poetry and has composed well-received verses about Mr. N S Kille, which he has recited at various places.

Mr. Shubhash Rai has been dedicated to social service since 1985, serving as a member of Kumbra Mandal Panchayath, and has consistently worked to facilitate government-provided facilities to the intended beneficiaries.

In the corporate sector, he has played a significant role as the president of Keyyur Kedambadi Seva Cooperative Society and Puttur Land Development Bank, contributing to the growth and promotion of the cooperative sector from the village to the Taluk level. He has undertaken study trips to various cooperative areas across India, including Haryana, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Shimla, Kerala, Bangalore, Ballary, Mandya, and Mysore, with a focus on supporting cooperative organizations’ development.

Kadamajalu Shubhash Rai has received numerous awards in recognition of his contributions, including the DaKshina Kannada District Karnataka Rajyotsava Award 2021, ‘Aranya Mithra’ Award from the Forest Department of the Government of Karnataka, Best Farmers Award at a national-level workshop in Goa by the Cocoa and Cashew Development Directorate of Kochi, Kerala, Puttur Taluk-level Kannada Rajyotsava Award, DK Taluk and District-level Literature Award by Jilla Kannada Sahithya Parishath, Merit Award for Geru Agriculture by Geru Directorate of Resource, Odiyur Shree Award 2022, Merit by Rotary Club Yuva and Janma Foundation® Puttur, Gold Medal by Bantara Mathrsangha Mangalore,

International Lions Service Organization District 317D Provincial Conference 2022 Award, and Bantara Sangha Puttur Taluk Bantre Gauji-2022 Award.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Mr. Rai has been a dedicated blood donor, continuously donating blood until the age of 53, showcasing his commitment to the welfare of others. On the occasion of his 70TH birthday, he made the remarkable announcement of donating his body to KS Hedge Memorial College, Mangalore. His multifaceted contributions in agriculture, literature, social service, and the corporate sector underscore his unwavering commitment to personal development and societal well-being.