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Advisory Commitee

Ganappayya Bhat, an agriculture enthusiast with experience in organic farming, has a diverse background that includes yoga teaching, cow breed farming, and research in sustainable coconut farming techniques.

Ganappayya Bhat is an agriculture enthusiast with over 37 years of dedicated experience in the field of agriculture. He has enriched his knowledge by completing the PMKVY, Central – Organic-based Agriculture Training program at Dharwad Agriculture University.

In recognition of his dedication and contributions, Ganappayya Bhat was honored with the 2019 State Yoga Award in the Senior Citizen Group category. He has a deep commitment to social service and has conducted public yoga classes and training programs, generously offering free yoga classes to students.

Mr. Bhat’s diverse background includes being a Yoga Teacher, engaging in Indian cow breed farming for over 12 years, and gaining 7 years of experience as a Medical Representative. Notably, he has conducted research on coconut farming, focusing on innovative techniques for growing coconuts without excessive water usage. As a member of Hopcom in South Canara and Udupi, he actively participates in promoting agricultural activities.

Mr.Bhat’s passion for organic-based agricultural practices spans three decades, reflecting his dedication to sustainable farming. Additionally, he has indulged in goat farming for 36 years, making it a long-standing hobby. He achieved the distinction of introducing the Jamnapuri Goat breed for the first time in D.K.

He took the initiative to lead the construction of the Peruvaje Gowri Hole Bridge in 1996, showcasing his exceptional leadership abilities. Mr. Bhat’s diverse contributions to agriculture, yoga, and community engagement underscore his unwavering commitment to personal development and the well-being of society.