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Advisory Commitee

Chidananda Bailady brings rich experience in both agriculture and law to his multifaceted career. His dedication to community service is evident through his active memberships in organizations like the Rotary Club and Okkaliga Gowda Seva Sangha

Chidananda Bailady has a remarkable professional background, having worked in agricultural for over 40 years and law for over 30. His commitment to social service is exemplified through active memberships in esteemed organizations like the Rotary Club and Okkaliga Gowda Seva Sangha.

Presently, he serves as the President of Okkaliga Samudaya Pathina Sahakari Sangha and holds a directorship at Mahalingeshwara ITI, where he contributes his expertise. Beyond his professional commitments, Chidananda Bailady extends his services to the community by providing valuable Notary services.

Additionally, Mr. Bailady holds the position of Trustee for a temple and a Daivasthana located in Puttur, further illustrating his dedication to various aspects of community and societal well-being.