Some of the benefits which are available for the coconut farmers under our Company scheme are:

On an accidental death of a registered farmer, the Government will provide a benefit amount of Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs for a farming family under    Company’s Insurance policy.

The company in cooperation with Government supplies fertilizer to the coconut farmers at a concessionary rate of 10 to 15 per cent (%).

Coconut (which is 10 years and above) trees cover crop loss insurance at any time when coconut trees are prone to natural disasters, pandemic attacks and wild animal attacks.

If the affiliated farmer gives the coconut which he has grown to the company, the company is bound to pay the farmer the best possible rate.

If the coconut grower is poor (with a legal record), the company is obliged at any time to provide various benefits to the farming family.

If the farmer is interested in growing coconut, the company offers good coconut saplings in subsidized form with the help of the government.

Coconut which is given by farmers to the farmer company is used by the company in various. The Coconut Farmer Company intends to export  value added coconut products to various countries.

The farmer is given a good level of training in climbing the coconut trees.

The company trains with the best scientists on how to manage the coconut plantation and to improve the coconut plantation on time.

Soil testing is vital for farmers. In the next days, the company has a model plan to open a soil test center in every Taluk.

South Canara Coconut Farmers Producers Company Limited offers innovative products to encourage organic farming and help to get high yields in agriculture for farmers.

To provide insurance facility upto Rs. 25 lakhs for the laborers who climb coconut trees and arecanut trees in order to secure the future of their family.

The farmers who have registered through our LRP executives will get best prices for their coconut yield than market price. The organization also provides special crop insurance for coconut trees.

Organization offers subsidy to purchase special nutrients fertilizer for coconut and arecanut trees.

Organization offers subsidy to purchase about 39 varieties of coconut saplings.

Under the State Women Empowerment Scheme, company has aimed to start a “Women Coconut Farmers Producers Company” and also to create groups to provide agricultural development plans to women.

Organization has already provided 100+ employment opportunity for farmer family graduates. In the next 2 years, company is aimed to provide 3000+ employment opportunities for the graduates from farmer family.

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