About Us

SCCFPCL was established in the year 2021 as per the company act 2013 with an objective to provide the best benefits to coconut growers. The company aims for the integrated development of the farmers by maximizing their income through better agro management practices and promoting coconut cropping and farming ecosystems. The registered coconut farmer will get benefits in the form of finance, insurance, subsidies, farm training, crop saplings, etc.

The company has 8 board of directors for 8 Taluks of the South Canara district and is now expanded to the neighboring districts Udupi, Kodagu, and Kasaragod. Now the head office is at Vittal, Puttur and the branch office is at Sullia.

The company has already acquired 8-acre lands for processing units at Puttur and for the plant project which is already approached for Alfa Laval Company.

Currently, more than 80 employees are working at all taluks of South Canara district as well as out of countries for marketing. By working together with farmers to support sustainable healthy farming helps the company to make each coconut components reach the right destination.


We mainly aim to provide the best benefits to coconut farmers, women empowerment and to create employment. We are focused on complete procurement of coconut and the processing of coconut by products like coconut powder, candy, coco peat, shell art, coco milk and other varieties. 


By integrity and innovative strategies, we are passionate towards compete with best globally leading corporate practices to make difference in the lives of its beneficiaries and community. 

Planned Coconut Products

➤ Coconut Oil end to end & by product
➤ Coconut Powder end to end & by product
➤ Coconut milk & By product
➤ Coconut Chocolate, Biscuits & Chips, Burfi
➤ Coconut Soap & Cosmetics
➤ Coconut Cream Hair Product
➤ Coconut Shell Powder

➤ Charcoal with Medicines
➤ Coconut tree powder & by product
➤ Coconut shell design
➤ Coconut Shell Bricks
➤ Coconut organic fertilizer
➤ Coconut Jaggery
➤ Coconut Fiber Mat 

Work with us

We are committed to supporting agriculture in an extremely productive and progressive way to make every coconut farmer prosperous. If you share the same passion and dedication, join us.

Team Members

Manoj Prasad Ramakrishna


Lakshman Nagappa Naik

Koragappa Gowda Kusumadhar

Vardhamana Shetty

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